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Professional Consultation

Lila Low-Beinart, Female Therapist, posing in nature with a warm smile on her face

Lila offers free ~50-minute professional consultations to people supporting neurodivergent folxs, or in training to do so, as a way to give back to the community.

Consultation may be appropriate for:

  • Professionals building their private practice

  • Professionals developing a neurodiversity affirming practice

  • Community members learning about neurodiversity and mental health

Things you might want support with include:

  • Neurodiversity (ND)-affirming best practices

  • ND-affirming resources for yourself and/or your clients

  • Integrate recent ND-affirming learnings

  • Learn how to advocate with/on behalf of a client

  • Working at the intersection of LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergence

  • Discuss trends in the neurodiversity community

  • Support the neurodiversity community

  • Collaborate to further promote the neurodiversity movement

Let's Connect

Boulder Healing Hub

1650 38th St. Suite #100e

Boulder, CO 80301


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