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Therapy for Adults & Teens with Slow Processing Speed

Why is this page so short? Because in a less ableist world this page wouldn't need to exist. There is no difference in how we would work together because of your processing speed. Simply put, if your therapist is neurodiversity-affirming, kind, and patient, then you are good to go. I bring all of these qualities to our work together.


If you have slow processing speed, we can work together on whatever is bringing you suffering; depression, anxiety/social anxiety, rejection sensitivity dysphoria, people pleasing, executive functioning, or other difficulties. Or maybe you're also autistic and/or an ADHDer and need support there. Whatever it is, you're in the right place to be deeply seen, heard, validated, and of course, go at your pace.

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Maybe you function exactly as you ought to function... you just live in a society that isn’t sufficiently enlightened to effectively integrate people who function like you

Nick Walker

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