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Therapy for Executive Functioning Differences

When completing daily or basic self-care tasks is a struggle, life can feel like one big overwhelming mess. Maybe you can't get start on projects, especially the big ones. Or maybe eating, bathing, and sleeping just go out the window when you're stressed, just when you need them most. Working together, we'll identify your biggest pain points, craft custom solutions, build your self-compassion, and do the deeper work that will allow these changes to get embedded in your sense of self. However hopeless you may feel, or intractable your difficulties, there is hope in sight.

Lila is also an Executive Functioning Coach...

 If you want to learn more about executive functioning, head over to Lila's coaching website to learn more about executive functioning.

You can also learn more about Lila's approach to supporting people with executive dysfunction on her website.

Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy
Executive Dysfunction

Stay tuned... more to come!


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Maybe you function exactly as you ought to function... you just live in a society that isn’t sufficiently enlightened to effectively integrate people who function like you

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