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Neurodiversity Affirming
Therapy & Training

In Boulder Colorado & Online

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Empowering sensory neurodivergent
women+ and LGBTQIA+ adults & teens

"Lila is one of our most trusted neurodiversity affirming therapists in the community"

David Meer, LPC - Neurodiverse Counseling Services


Neurodiversity affirming therapy for neurodivergent adults and teens wanting to live their most authentic lives, free from depression, anxiety, and burnout. Here you'll find queer affirming, non-judgemental, curious, and compassionate space to courageously navigate your inner and outer worlds. Whether you already identify as neurodivergent or are curious to learn more, you belong here.​ Welcome.

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Do you want to offer therapy to neurodivergent adults and teens but don't know where to start? Are you already working with neurodivergent folxs, but don't know if you're providing the care they need? Learn from a lived-experience clinician how to build an anti-oppression and neurodiversity affirming toolkit. Transform the attunement, tools, and overall care you offer your neurodivergent clients so they can truly thrive.

Meet Lila

As a highly sensitive, autistic, gifted human, I get what it's like to try and navigate a world not built for you. I bring not only my training as a therapist to my work, but also my lived experience and my deep capacity for compassion, understanding, and validation of your experience. Come join me in learning about your authentic self, or if you're a therapist, how you can practice neurodiversity affirming therapy.

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Neurodiversity Affirming Specializations

Bridge into the Woods


"Lila is a skilled therapist and an emerging expert in neurodivergent counseling... She is deeply affirming and supportive of clients' own path with a passion for seeing neurodiversity as a gift... Lila is a dedicated advocate for clients from historically marginalized groups, including BIPOC, queer, trans and gender expansive clients, and those living with disabilities. She is an emerging thought leader in neurodiverse counseling... [and a] wonderfully warm and compassionate soul."

Sara Lewis, PhD, LCSW
Associate Professor, Naropa University 

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